Poem about a little bear

Little bear, little bear
Sitting on the wooden stair.
Moulting fur, and damaged ear,
Time has past you little bear.

Summers gone and winters past,
children's voices heard at last.
Footsteps echo by the door,
walking past they're heard no more.

Little bear, little bear.
lying on the wooden stair.
No more love, and no more care,
peace and quite little bear.

7/12/2012 by Simon Eade

This was a strange birth as I was lying in bed this morning with the words 'baby bear, baby bear' running round my head. I found this to be excellent device to prevent me from taking a well deserved (in my opinion) lie-in. Instead, I wrote this poem on a smart phone and the irritating earworm left me alone to my thoughts.

This verse didn't make it.

Little bear, little bear,
wearing ladies underwear.
Are you hip or are you square?
No-one cares little bear!

Poem about a little bear - copyright Eaden 2012

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