Go back far enough in time and you will find that the human race lived the nomadic existence of hunter gatherers. Following nature's seasons and collecting wild grown food, when that precious food availability dropped off, the nomadic family groups uprooted and moved on to where different foods were becoming available. For tens of thousands of years their lives followed this natural and sustainable pattern from season to season and year to year, learning from hard earned knowledge passed down through the generations. It was only when man began to farm and harvest crops, and then go on to develop increasingly viable and nutritious crops, that early human civilisations were finally formed.

The vegetables that we eat today - which unfortunately many of us take for granted  - are solely the results of the endeavours of our ancestors. Without their knowledge and tenacity we just wouldn't have the range of 'all-year-round' food that we have available to us today and better yet, we can still grow them using those same skills that were developed by our ancestors too far back to remember.

Obviously, with so many crops to choose from it would be impossible for you to get all of the information you would need from a single article, but luckily I have done a lot of the hard work for you as you can see below.

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