Grow watercress seed

Although associated with slow moving bodies of water, watercress seed can be grown in pots much like any other plants seed.  The only thing you need to make sure of, apart from keeping them permanently wet, is that you are using an alkaline compost. This can be achieved by mixing 1 part limestone grit to 2 parts John Innes seed compost.

Start by using plastic pots which have had small holes approximately 4 mm in diameter drilled into the sides. Fill with your compost mix and press 3 to  4 seeds into the surface, but do not bury them. Place a light covering or vermiculite upon the surface to event the seeds from being washed to the side when watering

Fill a suitable, high-sided container with water and place the sown pots into it. Add water to the container so that it is about ½ to 1 inch below the soil level in your pot. So long as there is not threat of frosts you can now place the container outside in a bright position, but out of direct sunlight and extremes of temperature. Make sure the soil remains soaked at all times and to change the water for fresh each day to avoid fungal infections. The seedlings should emerge any time from 7-10 days.

Allow the seedlings to establish in their pots for a further 2-3 more weeks at which point they should be big enough to be transplanted out into their permanent positions.

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