Having made the journey from the center of Rome - all the way over to Tivoli to see the World Heritage Site of Villa D'Este - I was understandably disappointed to see a small group of tourists staring blankly at the closed gates that led through to these world class gardens. That's right, it was shut for business, and there was nothing else to do other than make my way back to Tivoli station and catch the slow train back to Rome.

So learn from this and be aware that Villa D’Este has specific opening times, otherwise you could end up making the same wasted journey.

Villa D’Este is closed on Mondays. However, if the Monday you are aiming to visit Villa D'Este falls on a bank or public holiday then Villa D’Este will be open. Instead, Villa D'Este will be closed on the following day – the Tuesday.

Please note that Villa D'Este is also closed on 1st January, 1st May and 25th December.

Click onto the main photo for a far clearer and larger image of the opening times.

Unfortunately, if you do arrive at Villa D'Este on the wrong day then you may also see this sign - as I did. I am afraid that you will need to translate it as I don't speak Italian.

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