Can you eat Fuchsia berries?

Although the blooms of Fuchsia species and cultivars are undeniable their most striking feature, the plump, deep red, or deep purple berries always attract attention. Looking good enough to eat, are fuchsia berried indeed edible? A question usually asked when a young child turns up with berry juice all over their face and hands.

Fuchsia berries - Thompson and Morgan
Well, you can relax as the fruits of all fuchsia species and cultivars are edible, however they are mostly either flavorless or leave a bad aftertaste

If you are going out of your way to eat fuchsia berries then the berry of Fuchsia splendens was always arguably the best-tasting and most likely to be available for purchase. But now there is a brand new strain of edible fuchsia berry, recently released from the Thompson & Morgan breeding programme, which has cracked the bitterness problem.

Unimaginatively called the Fuchsia-berry, it produces large sweet fruits (a bit like a cherry without the stone) with a flavour somewhere between a fig and a kiwi. Fuchsia splendens is said to be reminiscent of citrus and black pepper.

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