HOW TO GROW WITCH-HAZEL - Hamamelis species

How to grow the witch-hazel - Hamamelis x intermedia 'Pallida'

Hamamelis species, cultivars and hybrids are among the very best winter flowering shrubs and small trees. The spider-like flowers are both highly ornamental and long lasting and suitable for most northern European climates. The most popular forms have come from the hybridization of Hamamelis mollis and Hamamelis japonica. These are known as Hamamelis x intermedia and the cultivars which have been produced from this union have raised the best colour variations.

Hamamelis x intermedia 'Diane'
Hamamelis species can be planted at any time of year if they are container grown, but traditionally they would have been planted between October and March as bare root specimens. While Hamamelis species can be found in China, Japan and North America, they all have similar requirement, namely a neutral or acid, water-retentive soil.

If you are planting into heavy soil then dig in a decent amount of peat, leaf-mould or well-rotted manure before hand.

For all Hamamelis species except for Hamamelis virginiana, a site in full sun to semi-shade is required. Furthermore they will need protection from strong winds. Hamamelis virginiana is the strongest of all the species and is able to withstand cold and adverse conditions better than any of the other species or  large-flowered hybrids.

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