If you are looking to buy lavender seed, you are in luck. The 'Seeds of Eaden' seed shop now has lavender seed in stock as part of its standard range. Just click on the links to be directed to the new and improved seed shop.

Lavender is without doubt one of the most popular of all hardy shrubs, and why not? Tolerant of drought, heat, poor soils and most pests and diseases, not only does will lavender flower its heart out, it is a fantastic source of nectar for pollinating insects!

However, you can't just plant lavender anywhere and they can easily be killed by too much kindness.

Lavender seed can be sown from late winter to summer. However for best germination results place the seeds in the bottom draw of your fridge 4-6 weeks before sowing. Use a modular seed tray filled with a good quality, free-draining soil-based compost. Sow the seeds so that they are just below the surface. Seal the seeds and tray inside a polythene bag and place in a warm, bright room with a temperature of 15-18 Celsius. The seedlings should emerge in 1-3 months.

When the seedlings are large enough to handle they can be popped out of their modules and potted on into 3 inch pots and placed in a coldframe.

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