A very good question and one which has two answers. Unfortunately, both answers are no.

First answer: (ie. short answer) No.

Second answer: (ie. long answer) Nooooooooooooooooooo!

These are the facts. Once your cut Christmas tree has spent the past few weeks drying out inside a warm house it is difficult enough for it to re-root, even if it was a bought with a rudimentary root system still intact.

The problem with conifers (yes, your Christmas tree is just a large conifer) is that they are hard enough to root as cuttings - and that would be with basal heat, root hormone powder, mist irrigation and juvenile propagation material! With a 'mature' tree you are going to come unstuck as there are no dormant root nodules at the base of the trunk with which to grow new roots from.

So sorry, but the answer is still no.

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Suzee and Alexa said...

Ok, So I know logically that there is no way to re-grow a root system to a cut Christmas tree, but here is the deal. We watered daily and the tree drank about a half gallon a day. Now the tree is one the porch in a bucket of water and vitamin B1...and guess what? The branches are growing. They have new light green growth at their tips. Needles are not falling off, nor are they drying. This little tree at the very least wants to stay with us for a while. Do you have any suggestions to prolong it's life?

Gabriel Youssef said...

Hi did you get an answer because we are also in the same situation...