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Layering is a very effective method of propagating any rose cultivar that produces long, flexible stems. This makes it a particularly effective technique for propagating both shrub roses and climbing roses.

Layering of roses is best undertaken in June and July. To begin with, work some moss peat or a good quality multi purpose compost into the soil where you intend to layer your plant. Choose a stem which is mature but still flexible and make a cut approximately 8 centimeters on the side of the stem which will be buried in the prepared soil. Place a small length of rose twig in this cut to help expose the cambium layer (the cambium layer is the vascular tissue of plants). Bury the cut section int the prepared soil and secure it n place with a peg or forked stick.

The tip of the shoot should be secured in an upright position which can be achieved by tying it to a cane. Water the ground in dry weather.

Rooting should have occurred by the following March, at which point the new plant can be separated from the parent buy cutting through the unrooted 'umbilical' stem between them. The new rooted plant can either be potted n or replanted into its final position. Water in and water again during dry periods until the plant be comes established. Do not allow it to flower in its first year and this will drain the plant of energy resulting in weak growth.