How to grow Skimmia reevesiana

Skimmia reevesiana is an ornamental, evergreen shrub noted for its compact growth and ornamental berries. Native to South China and Southeast Asia it forms a low mound with mature specimens growing to an approximate height of between 0.9-1.5 metres.

How to grow Skimmia reevesiana
The aromatic glossy leaves are narrowly elliptic with a pale margin. The small white-yellowish blooms appear on terminal panicles in May. On female forms the pollinated flowers give way to long lasting, ovoid, matt crimson-red berries.

Plant Skimmia reevesiana in September and October or in March and April.

Grow Skimmia reevesiana in a moist but well-drained soil. It will perform best when planted in a shady or partially shaded position but it can tolerate full sun if the soil remains moist during the hottest part of the year. Be aware that Skimmia reevesiana can show signs of  chlorosis if over-exposed to sun or planted on poor dry, soils. While it is not from the genus ericaceae, it is advisable to avoid planting in alkaline soils and instead provide a humus rich lime-free soil.