The 'Garden of Eaden' site carries a certain amount of advertising. Sponsors can choose either a visual ad (animated or non-animated) or a text ad with link. These appear on the right hand side of every page. You can also publish your own article containing preferred back-links which - once published  - will be a permanent fixture for as long as the site exists.

There is also scope for an advertiser to sponser the entire 'Garden of Eaden' site where they would have their brand name included in the main header.

Currently, the Garden of Eaden blog has over 1000 pages and is still upwardly growing.

I am looking for advertisers who have a strong product or service that is be relevant to my readers.

Prices and Rates

Visual Ad (250 x 250): £50 per month
Text Link: (3 lines max) £25 per month
Advertiser supplied published article containing back links: A one off payment of £ 100.00  for  permanent acceptance - no discount.

Discount of 10% are given for bookings with periods longer than 6 months.

Garden of Eaden Statistics

The 'Garden of Eaden' ranks very highly in search engines, and in particular Google for which the site has been optimized. According to the popular site 'Blog Rank', the 'Garden of Eaden' site is the 14th most popular gardening blog in the world for 2012. That's up 20 places on 2011!

Visitors and page views 2012

225,000 Average visits per month
350,000 Average pageviews per month
2 minute 05 seconds Average Time on Site at time of publish

Geography of Visitors

1. United States –  46% of visitors: 
2. United Kingdom – 19% of visitors
3. Canada – Unique - 7% of visitors
4. Australia – 4% of visitors
5. India - 4% of visitors

Rest of the world - 24%

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