If you want to be able to access google products such as blogger and picassa, then you will need to have an account with google.

Creating an account is simple because all you need is a google email account - known commonly as a gmail account.

This will give you a new email address unique to google and a password which together will enable you to access the veritable umbrella of google products.

In order to set up your google account you can take the following hyperlink to the google account set up page.

Be aware that there are millions of google accounts in existence today so if your first attempt at an email address is declined - don't worry, just try different variations of the address you want or - failing that - go for a different address. And yes, you can have numbers in the address and no you can't have spaces and google does not recognise upper and lower case letters.

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Simon Philip said...

If you're experiencing problems verifying your account you should aim for getting a gmail account and trying the private browsing mode you have in most browsers such as Firefox or Incognito Mode in Google Chrome. Luckily, you should be able to bypass the verification process in one hop.

Lorna, Prestige Flowers, UK x