Do you have a killer gardening tip?

Would you like to see it published on the Garden of Eaden website?

Well you can. All you need to do is send me the link that will direct me to your best gardening tip. That way I can ensure that you get full credit for your work. Once you have added the 'name' of your tip, your email address and blog post URL, you will be invited to add a thumbnail graphic or photograph to accompany your best gardening tip. Check out the top tips already added below by clicking onto the thumbnail images.

Then, in order to validate your link, add either the following link-back to your site.


or better still,  this rather snazzy widget  by using the code below.

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To give you an idea and to start you off, click onto the links below. However, remember that these are just mine and what I really want are yours. Why? Because the more gardeing tips that are sent in, the more that passionate gardeners like you can benefit.

What are the Natural Predator of Aphids
Blight Resistant Tomatoes
How to care for Insect Eating Birds in Winter

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