BUY BAT PLANT SEED – Tacca chantrieri

If you are looking to buy seed from the bat plant, you are in luck. The 'Seeds of Eaden' seed shop now has bat plant seed in stock as part of its standard range. Just click on the links to be directed to the new and improved seed shop.

The bat plant prefers warm humid temperatures, but will grow outside in a pot when placed in a sheltered position protected from the strength of a mid-day sun. You may even be able to grow it outside directly in the ground if you live in a frost-free climate  However, it would still be wise to start if off in a suitable pot where it will receive enough shade from direct sunlight.

Just be aware that it will need to come under protection over winter if temperatures are likely to dip below freezing. To keep on the safe side, bring it into the warm as soon as temperatures start dropping below 6 °Celsius. During this cold period, keep the compost just on the moist side or even let it dry out between watering as you would do for an orchid.

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